Your Pregnancy Journey

Welcome to the website of Professor Barry O'Reilly, a top consultant obstetrician based in Cork. Here you can understand more about how your pregnancy journey with Prof. Barry O'Reilly will be. Afterwards, if you want to get to know more about Prof. O'Reilly, please visit his About Page.

Professor Barry O'Reilly's philosophy for patient care is based on the importance of carefully informing patients of their choices and then formulating an individual care package for each woman and each pregnancy.

His understanding manner is central to his personality, work and ethics.

He has decades of vast experience when it comes to labour ward obstetrics, especially with women who have been through traumatic childbirth experiences in the past.

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Attending Prof. Barry O'Reilly

When you attend Professor Barry O’Reilly during your pregnancy, you can rest assured that his obstetric practice focuses on delivering the highest standard of care during pregnancy and delivery. He believes in informed patient choice and offers an individualised care package for managing each pregnancy in a friendly and sensitive manner.

Professor Barry O’Reilly has extensive experience in managing both normal and complex pregnancies. When you book under his care you will experience transparency, choice and a personal approach. He is nationally and internationally renowned for his expertise in dealing with outcomes following traumatic childbirth and as such delivers patient centred care, believing that attention to an individual’s circumstances is of paramount importance.

In Barry's own words....

“I see it as a privilege to look after pregnant women and to ensure that they feel confident, safe and informed throughout their pregnancy.

Patient centred care, where treatment is individualised to each woman and her partner is a crucial part of this. Primarily I ensure the safety of mother and baby but I also strive to deliver a wonderful experience for the couple during their pregnancy.

My focus is to ensure that patients get the very best of care and attention during pregnancy so that your baby has the safest possible delivery and arrival into the world. I am here to support you through the most amazing experience of your life and to make this experience as straightforward, safe and enjoyable as possible for you, your partner and baby.”


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