Transvaginal Laser Treatment FAQs

Am I able to have transvaginal laser treatment if I already have the coil?


Will I feel pain either during or after the laser treatment?

Transvaginal laser treatment is pain free.

After treatment, how long should I wait before having intercourse?

It is recommended not to have penetrative intercourse for a period of five to seven days after laser treatment.

Will there be bleeding?


Is it possible to get an infection from the treatment?


Will transvaginal laser treatment make my vaginal thrush worse?

No it won't. However you shoujld buy a treatment, such as Canesten, over the counter, three days before treatment is planned.

Can I have the treatment during my period?

We recommend not having transvaginal laser treatment during your period.

Can transvaginal laser treatment irritate cystitis?

There is no evidence that transvaginal laser treatment irritates cystitis or worsen the symptoms.

What if I am on a course of antibiotics - can I still have transvaginal laser treatment?


I go for laser hair removal for my bikini line, is it okay to have transvaginal laser treatment after this?


I may have a STD (sexually transmitted disease), is it okay to have the treatment?

If you are concerned that you may have an STD, we recommend that you have this checked before having transvaginal laser treatment.

Can I exercise straight after transvaginal laser treatment?

Yes you can, however it is important to avoid strenuous exercise for one week after treatment.

Can I have a hot bath or shower, or use a sauna after my treatment?


Does any type of contraception interfere, such as implants or the pill?


Will the transvaginal laser treatment help or prevent prolapses?

It can help in the case of mild prolapses but is unlikely to help to prevent long term prolapse.

What if I've already had a hysterectomy, is it okay for me to have this treatment?


Can I have the laser treatment if I have already had vaginal repair surgery for prolapse in the past?

In many cases the answer to this question will be yes. However if mesh was used in the repair, you should discuss this with Professor O’Reilly.

Does the treatment make vaginal dryness worse?


How long do I need to wait after giving birth before I can have this treatment?

After a vaginal birth, it is advised to wait for a minimum of three months before having this treatment.

Can I have vaginal laser treatment when I am breast feeding?


Is there anything I should do immediately after treatment?

The only special instructions that you need to know are to avoid penetrative sex for one week after treatment.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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